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“I’ve tried a handful of different diets… I’ve tried the shakes… I’ve tried all the pills, lotions, patches and potions… why can’t I lose weight?”

“I’ve tried running… I’ve done Yoga… Crossfit just about killed me… but I still can’t lose weight. Why can’t I lose weight?”

“I’ve tried all the products and programs my friends are selling through their networking marketing programs… and some have worked a little bit but the weight always comes back with a vengeance and sometimes I pack on a few more pounds than what I started with.”

“I’ve seen 4 different doctors… I’ve had all kinds of different tests… and I keep getting the same advice. Just watch what you eat, decrease your calories and start exercising more. No duh… haven’t you been listening? I feel like I’ve tried everything. What is wrong with me and why can’t I lose weight?”

I can't count how many people have come to me over the years and said:
"Here's my diet, here's my workout routine, here’s what I’ve done so far… I feel like I’m doing things right, but WHY CAN'T I LOSE WEIGHT?"

And I appreciate that you want to lose weight… I want you to be able to lose the weight. But it’s much more than a cosmetic concern. Overweight and obese are actually medical terms and they significantly increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and even Alzheimer’s. A recent study in the most prestigious medical journal in the world, the New England Journal of Medicine, proved that being overweight equals premature death. The study showed that an extra 25 pound weight gain over the age of 40 years old meant that you have a 75% greater risk of heart attack or another cardiovascular event like stroke.

By the end of this report you’ll know exactly what you can do to start making a change. And that starts by talking about what happens at a cellular level. I have always said, "If you don't heal the cell ... you'll never get well."

I'm going to talk about what should happen at the cellular level, and I'm also going to talk about what is more than likely happening at the cellular level inside of your body.

Inside your body, there are seventy trillion cells. And what I know through my neurology training and my functional medicine training is that your body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. All that can happen when there is no interference with the process.

Lost 25 pounds and ran a half marathon

Lost 25 pounds and ran a half marathon

When we talk about things like weight loss resistance, thyroid, diabetes and hormone imbalance, you have to look for the interference in the process. This may not be what you want to hear, but weight gain, weight loss resistance, fatigue, brain fog and all the other things you may be experiencing right now are symptoms of an unhealthy body. Most of the time this process started some time ago and the symptoms showed up later.

The first thing to understand is that you have receptor sites on all of your cells, and according to research, we have upwards of thousands of receptor sites. In order for things to get inside of your cells, they have to be able to bind to the receptor site. Only then can they be carried through the cell membrane. I don't need to bore you with big biochemistry, but the more you understand about this, the more this will make sense to you.

Every single cell in your body has what we call a "phospholipid bilayer." What that means in English is there's a double layer of fat on every single cell in your body. If you're doing a low-fat or a fat-free diet, just understand that you could be breaking up and damaging the membrane of every single cell in your body. That alone goes against what most people have been telling you.

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Counting calories, eating less, exercising more… those are myths.

In a healthy cell, a hormone, say progesterone or estrogen or testosterone, binds to a cell receptor. It then gets carried inside the cell where some type of a protein is made. It is then carried outside of the cell so it can act upon your body appropriately. By the way, that is what is supposed to happen. The reality is, if you’re having troubles losing weight and keeping it off, that's NOT what is happening in your cells.

According to a huge number of different research studies and articles (also featured on the front cover of Time Magazine) we know that one of the greatest things that can affect your body is inflammation.

This inflammation is different than if you've got a bad shoulder or you stepped wrong and sprained your ankle. That's a localized inflammation. When we talk about cellular inflammation, we are literally talking about every cell in your body, and what happens is the cell membrane literally becomes inflamed. That’s a big deal to you because it is then much more difficult for things that are outside of the cell to get inside of the cell.

Also what happens with cell inflammation is anything that happens inside the cell causes byproducts, literal smoke inside the cell, so all the things that are supposed to happen inside the cell, they don't work well and can’t transfer things back out. You have to decrease cellular inflammation in order to get the by products back out of the cell so your body can excrete them properly.

One of the greatest causes of this inflammation is toxicity.

Toxins are everywhere, we live in a sea of toxins. And they cause inflammation and block your hormones from working accurately with your receptor sites and cells. So what your body does is surround these toxins with fat in order to try and protect you. The problem is that leads to weight gain and stubborn weight loss resistance. Your cellulite is a perfect example of this. But if you were to remove those chemicals (poisons) the body would no longer need to hold onto that fat, and you would lose weight. Does that make sense?

We deal with thousands of toxins in the air. Thousands of toxins in our food. Conventional, NON-organic foods are sprayed with millions of gallons of chemicals in the form of herbicides and pesticides. Not to mention the genetically modified organisms they are using to start with.

Lost 35 pounds so far and have more energy

Lost 35 pounds so far and have more energy

They are finding anti-depressants in our water supply. These are psychotropic, brain altering chemicals that get into our bodies through the water supply. They cause hormone disruption, toxicity and inflammation.

How about skin care products? Your shampoo, deodorant, lotions, makeup and more. Thousands of known toxins are in the products you are putting directly on your skin on a daily basis. Your skin is you biggest organ and absorbs these toxins directly. Fifty-four known carcinogens (known to cause cancer) in lipstick alone.

The average American consumes about fourteen pounds of coloring and additives every year.

Other things in the world of toxicity are things called "heavy metals." Some of the most common ones that we see in today's day and age… The first one is mercury. According to the American Dental Association, if you or someone that you love has one of those silver fillings in your mouth, that filling contains between 50-52% mercury inside of it.

The second heavy metal that we are seeing a lot of is lead. My generation, like my children for example, have never really been subjected to leaded gasoline or leaded paints. However, what we know through some pretty cool research is that when women have a developing baby inside of them, they give a significant amount of their bone structure to that developing infant. Do you know where lead is often stored in the body? In the bones. So when that bone structure is passed along to the baby it passes the lead toxicity along with it.

The other component is how these heavy metals work. We let these heavy metals compete for binding sites with your hormones. You've heard of the term "insulin resistance." Insulin cannot go from your blood to inside of your cell. Your cell is literally resistant to the insulin coming inside.

So these toxins and heavy metals cause inflammation, they compete for receptor sites on your cells, they disrupt your hormones and they basically clog up your bodies filters… especially the liver and kidneys. And when they get clogged and can no longer filter out normal waste as well, they basically dump them right back into the blood stream.

All these toxins and stresses on your body are cumulative. Imagine if you didn’t change your oil filter in your car for 30 years. What about you’re A/C filter? Your vacuum? What if you never cleaned your clothes dryer lint trap or vent? They would all break down like your body may be right now.

By the way, inside the cell is where your body actually produces energy, so when we have people that have hormone issues, especially with the thyroid hormone. We see people that have things like fatigue and constipation and dry hair, yet they go and they get blood work done. For example, your TSH is "normal." You might be one of these people. You have all of the symptoms, yet you go to your doctor and your doctor says, "There's nothing wrong with you. Your hormones are normal."

And your hormones may test normal… but nothing can get inside the cell. Inside the cell, you have your mitochondria. This is what produces energy, so if you can't get things inside of your cell, then that organelle cannot produce energy for you.

If fatigue is one of the things that you're dealing with along with your weight loss, if you don't go to the cell and heal the cell, then you're going to find just another program that fails you.

Other hormones that we can measure are things like progesterone, estrogen, even testosterone. Guys, if you're reading this, or ladies, if you're reading this for your guy, you would be surprised how many twenty and thirty-year-old men that I see clinically that have significantly deficient amounts of testosterone. By the way, I'm not going to tell you to start taking these hormones because what I can tell you right now is, it is not a lack of hormones because…

Here's what typically happens: If you take a synthetic or a natural hormone, it works something like this. Initially, it works for a little bit, and then very quickly, thirty, sixty days later, it no longer works. Here's the analogy that I give with that: Let's say that your kids are not listening very well, so you raise my voice. When you raise your voice, your kids behave. However, if you kept talking to your kids in that raised voice (yelling ;-), they would tune you out after a while. Well, it's really no different in your cell. You can saturate your serum or outside of the cell with hormones, and it'll work for a little bit.

If your cell is toxic, inflamed and is resistant to hormones, it won’t work very long.

I’ve had hundreds of patients where we've measured dosages of hormones and looked at things like TSH and the levels were normal. Because once you start taking these hormones, they're really saying “if your TSH is normal, you're okay.” By the way, there's never been a piece of research that says a "normal" TSH equals a normal functioning thyroid gland. Let me say that again. There's no research that says normal TSH equals a normal functioning thyroid gland. You can have normal TSH and still have fatigue, dry skin, hair loss and constipation. These are absolutely normal things that come with that, but...

it doesn't mean you have to live with them.

So what’s next for you? Where do you start so you can overcome the toxicity… the inflammation and the hormone resistance to finally overcome your weight loss resistance?

Lost 58 and 1_2 pounds so far

Lost 58 and 1/2 pounds so far

If you don't figure out what the cause is, if you don't figure out what the toxicity is or what the exposure is or what the deficiencies are… another detox program, another fancy diet, another fast, it's not going to work for you.

It starts with the right testing. You have to ask the right questions and be a detective to find the toxic culprits you are dealing with. You have to do the dirty work first so you get to the real cause. I have had literal train wrecks that have presented to me that have taken this work into their own hands. So I beg you, do not do detoxification when the source of the toxin is still inside of your body, it makes no sense. So you have to test for these things.

“Don't guess ... Test." We have the ability to check every micronutrient, every hormone, and all kinds of toxicity. Even if you're taking a vitamin, we can see if you actually need these things or not. We have the ability to test the serum or the blood. We also have the ability to test what actually gets inside of the cell. We have an intracellular test available to us to actually ask what's getting inside the cell. This has been groundbreaking for us clinically.

So your next steps? For a limited time we are offering an initial consultation and evaluation at the extremely discounted price of only $27 (normally $397).

In this visit we will do a complete health history and metabolic assessment. We will do a 15 point body composition test. We dive deep into some testing to look at your body mass index, body fat %, body hydration, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, your metabolic age and your Visceral Rating (belly fat). People are shocked to find out that their biological age is much older than their chronological age.

We will also discuss any labs that we need to order so we can find out exactly what is going on inside your body. Remember… we want to get to the cellular level so we can get to the cause and allow your body to heal.

Why are we offering such a great deal? To be very upfront with you, we can't fix everything. We do this to interview you to see what you have going on, what you've tried and your willingness to make changes. I get to ask you some questions to know if I'm a good fit for you. I do not accept every case.

In fact I’m so confident in my program that if I do accept your case… I will guarantee the program for you.

At this visit you also have the opportunity to ask me questions. You see, you're looking to hire me and my team to work for you, so I also want you to have some questions for me to see if you think that I'm a good fit for you.

Simply click on the button below to schedule your initial evaluation. I look forward to seeing you soon.


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